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980 Anne Steele

The title of this hymn came from a working title, as 980 was the number of this text in the old hymnal where I found it. I don’t have a strong excuse for that, other than the fact that it helps to promote Anne Steele by name, so that more people might discover more of her beautiful hymns.  Again, as with “Petition,” I love her emotional transparency and her humility is evident in each line.  I adapted what was the third stanza of her text into a repeating chorus.


When sins and fears prevailing rise

And fainting hope almost expires

Jesus, to thee I lift my eyes

To thee I breathe my soul’s desires

2:  Art thou not mine, my living Lord?

And can my hope—my comfort die

Fixed on thy everlasting word,

That word which built the earth and sky

Chorus:  If my immortal Savior lives

Then my immortal life is sure

His word a firm foundation gives

Here let me build and rest secure

3: Here let my faith unshaken dwell

Immovable the promise stands

Not all the powers of earth and hell

Can e’er dissolve the sacred bands

4: Here, o my soul thy trust repose

If Jesus is forever mine

Not death itself, that last of foes,

Shall break a union so divine.

words by ANNE STEELE, music by SANDRA MCCRACKEN. © 2010 DRINK YOUR TEA MUSIC (ASCAP), admin. by SIMPLEVILLE MUSIC, inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.